Monday, April 11, 2011

LTI Transient-Response Analysis using Python(numpy, scipy, matplotlib)

In undergraduate Engineering Physics, i learn how to modelling a system by using a mathematical model of the system, to analyze the character of the system.

This script can be used to generate plot as in the Book of Modern Control Engineering 4th edition, International Edition, by Katsuhiko Ogata, Prentice Hall

Once when taking a subject Automatic Control is often to make a plot of LTI system, that generated in s(signal) domain by transforming mathematical model of the system using Laplace Transformation.

This example i took from page 307 of that book.
To plot transfer function =
(6.3223 s^2 + 18 s +12.811) / (s^4 + 6 s^3 + 11.3223 s^2 + 18s + 12.811)

The plot generated by those script as below